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List of in-charges

List of In – charges (L.K.G. to 3rd)
Sr.No. Section Name
1 Examination Mrs. Usha Yadav
2 Activity In-charge Mrs. Pooja Yadav (M/T)
3 Tours & Excursions Mrs. Rekha Yadav
4 Time Table Mrs. Seema Yadav
5 Floor Discipline In-charge Mrs. Neetu (Ground Floor)
Mrs. Anurekha (1st Floor)
Mrs. Usha Yadav (2nd Floor)
6 Cleanliness In-charge Mrs. Tarun Rao (Ground Floor)
Mrs. Anita M/T (1st Floor)
Mrs. Bandana (2nd Floor)

7 Smart Class IN-charge Mrs. Anurekha
8 Olympiad In-charge Mrs. Usha Yadav
9 Soft Boards and Corridor Decoration Mrs. Anju Yadav (Art & Craft)
10 Assembly In-charge Mrs. Neetu Yadav

List of In – charges (4th to 12th)
Sr.No. Section Name
1 New Admission (L.K.G to 12th ) Mrs. Anju Yadav (PGT)
2 Morning Assembly Mrs. Anita
Mrs. Sharmila Yadav
Mrs. Sunita Yadav
3 Activity In-charge (weekend+ Certificate writing+ Special Assembly) Functions , External Competition Miss Neha Gupta
Mrs. Pooja Yadav (PGT)
Mrs. Rajbala Yadav
Mrs. Manoj Yadav
4 Tours & Excursions Mrs. Rekha Yadav
Mrs. Anju Yadav (PGT)
5 Time Table Mr. Kuldeep Saini
Mrs. Neha (TGT)
6 Floor Discipline In-charge Mrs. Bandana (Ground Floor)
Mrs. Swarnlata (1st Floor)
Mr. Jagpal (2nd Floor)
7 Cleanliness In-charge Mrs. Sandhya (Ground Floor)
Mrs. Mukesh (1st Floor)
Mr. Manish Gupta (2nd Floor)
8 English Lab In-charge Mrs. Anita
9 Olympiad In-charge Mrs. Rajbala Yadav
Mrs. Munesh
10 Soft Boards and Corridor Decoration Mrs. Anju Yadav (Art & Craft)
11 Computer In-charges Mrs. Shilpa Verma
12 Projector In-charge Mr. Kuldeep Saini
Mr. Sanjay Saini
13 Discipline in Assembly Mr. Jagbir Yadav
Mr. Kameshwar
14 Stock register (I/C)
Requisition + Lab Maintenance
Mr. Bijender Kumar
15 School News for Newspaper Mrs. Rekha Yadav
Mrs. Suman Yadav
16 Student’s Notice Board In-charges Mrs. Reena yadav (2nd Floor)
Mrs. Sharmila (1st Floor)
Mrs. Sandhya (Ground Floor)
17 Staff Room In-charges Mrs. Sandhya (Ground Floor)
Mrs. Manoj Yadav (1st Floor)
Mrs. Reena yadav (2nd Floor)
18 Atal Lab In-charge Mr. Rahul Soni
19 Maths Lab In-charges Mr. Manish Gupta
Mrs. Reena Yadav
20 Physics Lab In-charges Mr. Bijender Kumar
Mr. Sandeep Arya
21 Chemistry Lab In-charge Mr. C.P. Mishra
22 Bio Lab In-charges Miss Neha Gupta
23 Examination In-charges Mrs. Suman Yadav
Mrs. Rajbala Yadav
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